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£12.99 Incl VAT

This is the exact same earpiece relied upon by the UK’s police and emergency services, provides the optimum level of performance and reliability.


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The G type Kenwood earpiece provides professional quality audio and voice communication for use in noisy and demanding environments. This is the exact same earpiece relied upon by the UK’s police forces and emergency services, giving you the reassurance that this Kenwood earpiece provides the optimum level of performance and reliability.

This G type Kenwood headset will enable you to receive audio messages and instructions from managers and colleagues in crystal clear sound. As you’d expect of a Pentagon designed and built earpiece, it uses only the highest quality components and has been thoroughly tested to ensure it provides clear sound performance in even the noisiest of environments.

In addition, it’s discreet yet snug design fits snugly around the ear, enabling it to be worn comfortably for long periods of time. The combination of high quality components, comfort and reasonable price makes it the ideal earpiece for use in any loud or challenging environment where the need to understand instructions clearly and accurately is vital.

When working in noisy environments it’s vital that the Kenwood earpiece you’re using provides a clear and reliable sound performance. Otherwise you risk misunderstanding instructions correctly, harming your ability to coordinate your actions with team members and colleagues. This can cause all manner of risks, particularly when managing crowd situations or when you need to respond to unpredictable situations quickly. When purchasing earpiece or headset for Kenwood radio with cheap components and poor design, there is a heightened risk of component failure or poor sound quality.

All of our earpieces and headsets for Kenwood radio, however, is made by using quality components and high standards of testing. This gives you the reassurance knowing that the earpiece will provide optimum sound quality and reliability for long periods and ensure you’re ready to respond effectively in coordination with colleagues to whatever situations should arise.

This G type Kenwood headset is supplied brand new, unused and in original retail packaging. It’s ready for use straight out of the box.

Reviews (4)


  1. Ali

    Looooved it, the most comfortable and easy to use headset ever.

  2. Keith Douglas

    Great product. Very easy to use.

  3. Eric Suen

    Good product quality, prompt delivery, would recommend

  4. Mrs. S. Downie

    Husband loves it uses it for work.

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